Where Data Becomes More

Verbotics Intelligence as a Service (IaaS) enables in-depth cost utilization analysis, health outcomes research, and enhanced value based payments. Verbotics extracts clinical, socio-economic, and lifestyle parameters from free-flowing text and unstructured data in patient records to find hidden and misclassified data and create accurate historical treatment models. Verbotics also identifies cost-utilization patterns and health outcomes data found in clinical, lifestyle and social attributes of the patient population.
80% of relevant patient data resides in unstructured formats (notes, acronyms, abbreviations, etc.). Verbotics risk adjustment and auditing tool maximizes reimbursement and minimizes auditing errors for providers in capitation payments and/or value based payment contracts. The expanded information and historical presentation has significant benefits for insurance, risk assessment and associated legal and malpractice areas. Verbotics operates with minimal data requirements.

What We Do

Verbotics easily integrates with platforms in healthcare to improve accuracy and results in diagnosis, cost of care and provider payments. Verbotics predictive capabilities extract clinical, socio-economic, and lifestyle information from patient records to create exacting risk models for better patient care, treatment and budgetary matters. This often overlooked data also supports legal eDiscovery and litigation, insurance and related areas.

Healthcare Providers

Verbotics enables deeper population health analytics with 360 degree patient understanding from automated chart processing that improves risk coding, RAF scores, and capitation payments. Verbotics proprietary auditing technology discovers gaps and inaccuracies in coding. This capability improves revenue and reduces errors and liability.


Healthcare Discovery

hDiscovery is Verbotics health information discovery. In malpractice, insurance defense, medical fraud and related areas, hDiscovery uncovers contextual information heretofore unobtainable in historical perspective to provide evidentiary foundation for communications or documents surfaced in the traditional discovery process.


Healthcare Payers & Insurance

Verbotics automates chart reviews to find real time inaccuracies in medical codes and claims. Verbotics AI finds payer specified medical necessity constraints in patient records – this allows payers to reduce over-payments and processing time. It also improves determination of risk assessment range and patient outcomes and reduces re-admissions.

Verbotics AI

Timeline, NLP & Predictive Modeling

Verbotics AI is a data transformation platform that is fast, secure and able to easily integrate into any workflow.

Verbotics AI delivers Intelligence as a Service (IaaS) – the result means lower costs, increased margins and greater accuracy with complete data interrogation features. Minimum intrinsic data maximizes results. Visualize complete patient and client history from initiation to a projected future, add omitted coding, correct potential errors.
Timeline builds the complete linear patient history with 24 areas of highlighted context. Explainability Auditing shows why coding decisions were made. Revenue Data Capture CDI improves documentation, creates opportunities for vendors and clients and delivers a more comprehensive product.
Verbotics AI NLP reads all unstructured data, freeing physicians and coders from the challenge of interpreting incomplete information. Predictive Modeling ensures better treatment outcomes and lowers re-admissions. Verbotics SDK enables customization to find the industry-specific data required.
Verbotics is web-based, flexible, scalable and accessible via the Verbotics API.

Reads structured or unstructured data, from any source, finding all relevant data

Interprets all information from doctors, hospitals, acronyms, notes and other sources and formats

Contextualizes by 24 points of relevance telling the complete story

Composes an interactive historical timeline

Bi-partite risk adjustment: identifies and fills coding gaps, auto-corrects coding errors

Minimum data using only targeted intrinsic information – Less Data Becomes More

Verbotics API and intuitive SDK enable power-user customization and individualized use cases

Where We Integrate

Verbotics integrates seamlessly with specific industries including legal, healthcare and insurance. Our solutions facilitate immediate, accurate communication and exchange of data between organizations that depend on the sharing of timely information to generate fulfillment, processing of claims and payment.

Healthcare Providers

Verbotics addresses a wide array of common challenges found in EHR, RCM, diagnoses and treatment. Verbotics Healthcare Suite is HIPAA compliant, cloud based, API-friendly, and customizable to be industry-specific.

Verbotics tools improve risk coding, RAF scores, and capitation payments by discovering coding gaps and highlighting relevant information from the original record. Verbotics Risk Coding lowers common outsourcing and manual costs by both suggesting and validating codes. The AI NLP solution reads all the unstructured data and relieves vendors and providers of the burden of cleaning and curating the data, presenting it in a structured usable form. Verbotics embedded AI auditing process finds gaps and inaccuracies in coding to improve revenue and reduce errors and liability.

Healthcare use cases are numerous. Do you need more line item indicators in your cost comparison analyses? Find the precise point in time and context when a treatment anomaly occurred? Determine whether all ICD-10 coding was entered for proper reimbursement? See suggestions for potential alternative treatments or record auditing? Lower overall cost of treatment with more accurate planning information? Improve planning for outcomes and future costs? Verbotics is easily integrated into any workflow to address all these critical areas.

Healthcare Discovery

hDiscovery is Verbotics health information discovery. In malpractice, insurance defense, medical fraud and related areas documented evidence of events and conversations are outcome-determinative. Verbotics healthcare contextual discovery tool uncovers information heretofore unobtainable in historical perspective to provide evidentiary foundation for communications or documents surfaced in the traditional discovery process.

Verbotics Timeline creates a series of historical patient snapshots in order of occurrence highlighting 24 areas of significant context which delve into all aspects of the patient environment, treatment, history and temporality. Verbotics AI Natural Language Processing serves as a patient records discovery tool, extracting all relevant data from all treatment narratives and creating an accurate longitudinal model for each case. Or, in the event of a class action, for all cases. Timeline presents this contextualized information in a dashboard which can be manipulated to show treatment, diagnoses, prescriptions and all relevant data at time of occurrence.

Because Verbotics is able to instantly read notes, acronyms, abbreviations, any formats, and find misclassifications Timeline can discover healthcare smoking gun events that can be used by institutions, insurance companies and attorneys independently or to assist in creating specific keyword searches for traditional eDiscovery platforms. hDiscovery elevates healthcare-related eDiscovery to a new level.

Healthcare Payers & Insurance

Healthcare providers can use socio-economic and clinical attributes discovered by Verbotics Healthcare Suite to deliver better diagnoses and treatment and to predict individual and population outcomes for treatment, budget and planning purposes along with assumptions about future costs. The capabilities inherent in these tools benefit the entire chain of healthcare participants – patients, physicians, coders, institutions, enterprise solution providers, analytics vendors and insurance companies.

Insurance companies may be the most significant beneficiary as they are intimately involved with each and every participant. V-SDK is easily employed to create customized labeling in Verbotics Timeline to find insurance-specific information in the patient record. Timeline and related tools operate quickly and seamlessly for a single patient or an entire class of patients. Timeline Labeling allows extraction of cleansed data from unstructured formats relevant to a specific focus or targeted group. Combined with the predictive features enabled by accessing clinical and lifestyle attributes well-founded assumptions can be made. Verbotics becomes not only a discovery tool but an actuarial aid.

Although prior conditions can’t be used to adjust premiums, the array of information served up by Verbotics can be informative as to longitudinal lifestyle and clinical data enabling improved outreach programs as well as cost assumptions. Other uses can result in improved determination of risk assessment range, support better patient outcomes, and enable successful surgical recovery, fewer readmissions, and lowered federal penalties. These benefits can prove valuable in multiple insurance instances including fraud, worker comp and the like.

In the past it was said that information is king. Today intelligent, accurate, complete, contextualized information is king.

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