Where Data Becomes More

Conventional healthcare NLP engines are overly dependent on clinical terminologies for identification of essential concepts in physician narratives. Accordingly they fail to fully capture all aspects of every medical condition, diagnosis, and procedure documented by physicians. Absent this requisite information the output often contains many non-specific, non-actionable results.

Verbotics is a proprietary, first-of-its-kind healthcare NLP engine that normalizes free-flowing patient data to the most exacting clinical concepts available. Extracting socio-economic indicators of health, major/minor complications, allergies and risk factors, Verbotics then transforms unstructured patient information into a timeline of clinical events enabling a variety of use cases.

Our Solution

Verbotics is a fully proprietary healthcare platform with no third party or open-source components. Verbotics intuitively understands patient data, both structured and unstructured, incorporating all patient information, regardless of format. This heretofore unobtainable data is transformed to overcome long standing challenges in optimizing reimbursement, improving clinical documentation, automating coding audits, and improving quality metrics and population health analytics.

Risk Integrity

Verbotics Risk Integrity improves patient risk scores and significantly lowers the cost of the Risk Adjustment process for plans with Medicare Advantage populations.


Revenue Validation

Revenue Validation is a first-of-its-kind RCM tool that validates billing codes against physician narratives in real time. Automatically generate physician queries and improve clinical documentation.


Quality Metrics

Verbotics Quality Metrics Abstractor automates quality metrics data abstraction and capture for reporting quality metrics, maintaining disease registries and certification requirements.


Healthcare Analytics

The Verbotics CliniNorm fully proprietary approach normalizes patient data for real time semantic querying and analysis of patient records, regardless of format or structure.


Medicare Compliance

Verbotics automates the clinical review process and reduces by 50% the manual effort in estimating a Workers Compensation Medicare Set Aside determination.



Verbotics hDiscovery™ automates the patient record discovery process with real time tools to enable immediate discovery of all structured and unstructured medical records.


Seamless Integration

Verbotics integrates easily with legal, healthcare, insurance and other industries. Verbotics solutions facilitate immediate, accurate communication and exchange of data between organizations that depend on the sharing of timely information to generate fulfillment, processing of claims and payment.

Healthcare Providers

Verbotics enables deeper population health analytics with 360 degree patient understanding from automated chart processing that improves risk coding, RAF scores, and capitation payments. Verbotics proprietary auditing technology discovers gaps and inaccuracies in coding. This capability improves revenue and reduces errors and liability.


Healthcare Discovery

hDiscovery is Verbotics health information discovery. In malpractice, insurance defense, medical fraud and related areas, hDiscovery uncovers contextual information heretofore unobtainable in historical perspective to provide evidentiary foundation for communications or documents surfaced in the traditional discovery process.


Healthcare Payers & Insurance

Verbotics automates chart reviews to find real time inaccuracies in medical codes and claims. Verbotics AI finds payer specified medical necessity constraints in patient records – this allows payers to reduce over-payments and processing time. It also improves determination of risk assessment range and patient outcomes and reduces re-admissions.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

– Arthur C. Clarke