Verbotics AI Platform

Verbotics AI

Timeline, NLP & Predictive Modeling

Verbotics AI is a proprietary data transformation platform that is fast, secure and able to easily integrate into any workflow.

Verbotics AI delivers Intelligence as a Service (IaaS) – the result means lower costs, increased margins and greater accuracy with complete data interrogation features. Minimum intrinsic data maximizes results. Visualize complete patient and client history from initiation to a projected future, add omitted coding, correct potential errors.
Timeline builds the complete linear patient history with 28 areas of highlighted context. Explainability Auditing shows why coding decisions were made. Revenue Data Capture CDI improves documentation, creates opportunities for vendors and clients and delivers a more comprehensive product.
Verbotics AI NLP reads all unstructured data, freeing physicians and coders from the challenge of interpreting incomplete information. Predictive Modeling ensures better treatment outcomes and lowers re-admissions. Verbotics SDK enables customization to find the industry-specific data required.
Verbotics is web-based, flexible, scalable and accessible via the Verbotics API.

Reads structured or unstructured data, from any source, finding all relevant data

Interprets all information from doctors, hospitals, acronyms, notes and other sources and formats

Contextualizes by 28 points of relevance telling the complete story

Composes an interactive historical timeline

Bi-partite risk adjustment: identifies and fills coding gaps, auto-corrects coding errors

Minimum data using only targeted intrinsic information – Less Data Becomes More

Verbotics API and intuitive SDK enable power-user customization and individualized use cases