Risk Integrity

Enhance operations and lower cost

Verbotics Risk Integrity improves Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scores and Case Mix Index (CMI) scores while lowering cost for coding for payers and providers carrying Value-Based Payment contracts. Risk Integrity reduces typical manual efforts by more than 50%. Verbotics proprietary technology delivers previously unattainable capabilities in Automated HCC Capture, Automated Chart Review, Automated Coding Audits, Quality Metrics and related areas.

Risk Score Optimization

Verbotics enables healthcare providers and payers to identify how much revenue is left on the table with patients on value based payment plans. Verbotics Risk Integrity is easy to integrate as a turn-key solution delivering accurate risk scores for patient or member populations.

Verbotics quickly identifies and encodes complications, comorbidities, chronic conditions under management, and socio-economic determinants of health (SDoH) from physician narratives for comprehensive, complete patient risk scores. Verbotics does not engage in statistical speculation, greatly reducing manual review workload by the end-user.

Immediately identifies, with supporting documentation, revenue left on the table by Providers

Identifies and corrects scores for the most inaccurate Risk Adjusted 5% patient population, usually equivalent to 90% of lost revenue opportunity

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