Healthcare Analytics

Population Health Analytics and Patient Record Inquiry

Verbotics normalizes patient data for real time semantic querying and analysis of patient records, regardless of format or structure. The Verbotics CliniNorm fully proprietary approach enables identification of all-encompassing health outcomes data. Normalization works hand-in-hand with auto-abstraction of key clinical performance criteria mined from doctor/nurse notes and complete record history.

Identify All Healthcare Outcomes

Verbotics automatically creates a 360 degree profile of each patient, rich with clinical, phenotypic, disease-severity, and social determinants of health from physician and nurse notes. By automatically coding to terminologies such as SNOMED and IMO, Verbotics enables semantic search, cohort selection, and quality metrics assessment from patient narratives.

CliniNorm regularizes records across medical specialties and EHRs, enabling a like-for-like comparison of patients for analytics and outcomes research

Unlike conventional annotation approaches in Natural Language Processing, Verbotics normalization captures physician intent as opposed to mere textual variations in language or terminologies

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