Quality Metrics

Deliver Comprehensive, More Accurate Quality Metrics

Verbotics Quality Metrics Abstractor automates quality metrics data abstraction and capture for reporting quality metrics, maintaining disease registries and certification requirements. Expand and improve metrics specific to any organization’s methodology, regardless of complexity or type and number of metrics used. Verbotics reads all notes, plans, and summaries to complete the coding picture, provides uncoded ICD10-CM information, and extracts measures from unstructured fields for more comprehensive Quality Metric computation.

Quality Metrics Abstractor

Verbotics systematizes abstraction and reporting of key clinical performance criteria by mining information from doctor/nurse notes. Use cases include improving process automation in retaining clinical specialty credentials such as Comprehensive Stroke Center Certification.

Finds and systematizes manual data extraction from physician narratives, populates Clinical Registries and fulfills all compliance and reporting requirements

Infallibly abstracts key criteria required for reporting NCQA quality scores and specialty certification guidelines

Reduces by 75% time spent capturing reporting data for certification renewal/purposes

Ensures fully comprehensive data capture for greatest accuracy of reporting high medical standards

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