hDiscovery™ Malpractice Litigation Management

Verbotics Patient Records hDiscovery™ extracts all relevant data from treatment narratives and creates accurate longitudinal models for each case. hDiscovery™ instantly reads all patient data and finds mis-classifications to determine if a cause of action exists. Discover healthcare smoking gun events for institutions, insurance companies and attorneys or create specific keyword searches for eDiscovery platforms.

hDiscovery™ for Early Case Assessment

Verbotics automates the patient record discovery process with real time tools such as Interactive Timeline and Bookmarks, Semantic Q&A, and Clinical Summarization. hDiscovery™ enables immediate discovery of all medical records, structured and unstructured.

Instantly reads notes, acronyms, abbreviations, all formats, and finds mis-classifications

Finds healthcare smoking gun events that can be used by institutions, insurance companies and attorneys independently or to create specific keyword searches for traditional eDiscovery platforms

hDiscovery™ quickly identifies any critical problem areas, disparities and errors and determines whether the standard of care was met

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